a little bit of rambling for Manifesto Jam
games are art, and art is for everyone

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[transcript available as a .txt file in the downloads, for easier read]

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Loved it! Great message that i feel lots of personal connection too, and interesting way of presentation. Thanks for making and sharing this!


I love this. How it starts off so simple, and gets so deep. Everyone should hear this message. I don't personally make games, but now I feel like I am beginning to feel the struggle. I hope this gets the recognition it deserves. (which is a lot). Also, I have a cat and they are always on my lap when I am trying to work, laying on my keyboard and yelling at the screen when something moves, so I get that too. 10/10


God, I love the message here. It's like you were taking words right from my mind. I was just talking yesterday with someone about how inaccessible games can be. Whether its money, physical or mental ability, etc., there are so many barriers to making games, even if you know you have a good idea.  And then having your work acknowledged is even harder. I feel like it can be very discouraging. 

Thank you for making this. I'm glad someone else gets it.